Gopher Downloads

Setup GopherGopher Software Full Installation (for first time Gopher users)
+ Installation TipsTips for installing Gopher Software on systems which already have Gopher Software installed.

gopher2006.exeLatest Gopher 2006 executable only (Requires previous installation of Gopher 2006)
Right-click on gopher2006.exe and save it to the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Ditech\Gopher 2006
Overwrite the existing gopher2006.exe file.

QBFC InstallerQBFC installer; required in order to sync with Quickbooks
+ Quickbooks TipsInstructions for synching with Quickbooks

diagnostic.exeDiagnostic utility which provides Gopher support staff with useful information about your system.
If you are encountering a problem with your Gopher program, this diagnostic utility can often help the Gopher support staff determine the cause of the problem. To run the diagnostic program, right-click on the diagnostic.exe file and save it to your desktop. Then double-click on the new diagnostic.exe icon on your database. Go to your email program and send an email to and paste the diagnostic results to the body of your email. (The results are automatically copied to the clipboard when you run diagnostic.exe)
diagnostic_noconnect.exeVersion of diagnostic utility which does not attempt to connect to your database
gopherdir_md5.exeLists all files in common Gopher directories along with their attributes. Useful to help Gopher tech support troubleshoot certain issues.

gopherconfig.exeThis utility helps resolve a problem that some users of 64-bit Vista may encounter during the installation process. It copies the required UDF file to the correct folder.

Backup UtilityStand-alone backup utility that is only necessary if you have trouble getting into Gopher and you need to restore from a backup file.

User ManualGopher Software user manual in PDF format

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